Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lyrics we'll never get right

I posted a comment on FB about songs that you've been singing your entire life. . . only to find out you've been singing the wrong words!

Below is a list of mistakes I've made at one point or another. I'm really looking forward to hearing from others . . .

1. There's this girl that's been on mind. All the time. Stu stu studio. . . (Phil Collins)

2. Blinded by the light. Wrapped up like a douche another runner in the night. . . (Manfred Mann)

3. I'll get over you. I know I will. I'll pretend my shit's not stinking. . . (Go West/ New Found Glory)

4. Might as well face it you're a dick dick in love. . . (Robert Palmer)

5. You spin my head right round, right round like a razor bladey. . . (Dead or Alive)

6. And we're gonna lift you up. And we're gonna let you down. And we're gonna run around and hurt you. . . (Rick Astley)

7. He tells me in his bad news boys, "Come on honey, let's go makes some noise". . . just another manic monday. . . (Bangles)
There's definitely more- these are just a few to get you started. What songs did you sing incorrectly?


  1. Beyonce To Da Left , To Da Left- I wld sing tulip fest tulip fest LOL Just ask damon he witnessed this debacle...

  2. I think you told me about that when we were out in Buffalo. Wasn't there also something about Rhianna's Umbrella too?

  3. I believe I have shared mine with you before, but Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" song got me all the time. The actual lyrics are: "An' here I go again on my own. Goin' down the only road I've ever known, like a drifter I was born to walk alone..." and I always thought it was "like a TWISTER I was born to walk alone..." as tornadoes go down the only road they've ever known -- and they are usually alone and not wasting any time. I prefer my version over Whitesnakes.

    I also enjoy how Rock Band teaches you the lyrics to songs...there are so many that I never really knew the words to (and others I still don't know). I frequently make up Pearl Jam lyrics.

  4. Yeah, Rock Band has taught me countless lyrics that I never knew. The B-52s "Roam". Take it hip to hip, rocket through wilderness. I always thought it was "rock it" through the wildnerness. I mean, on a rocket, you could hit a tree and get hurt. On the other hand if you're just rocking out- where's the harm there?