Thursday, October 7, 2010

26 hours

Rachel Breidster: Is picking up where she left off yesterday. She also hates writing about herself in the third person and will cease to do so, effective immediately. :)

I: met with the inspector yesterday promptly at 12:30 and he seemed more than happy with the work that was done to the porch. I followed up his visit with a phone call to the bank that went well, and am hopeful that I will get my money back in 7-10 days.

I: had the most delicious lunch ever at Java Jazz cafe in Delmar. Hadn't eaten there in years and had this amazing hummus, avocado, lettuce, tomato, tabouli wrap. So good!

I: can't believe I admitted that when I was in fifth grade I used to pray that I would wake up and look like my barbie doll. Granted the tv show only airs in Albany County, but still, sort of can't believe I would admit that. On the other hand, I am pretty psyched that I am happy enough with where I am now that I wouldn't think twice about saying something like that on air.

I: really wish it would stop raining. This shit is so lame.

I: just got back from getting an amazing massage to address my hamstring and back pain which has been mildly crippling. I wish I could have spent two hours. Or maybe even three.

I: am still in a fair amount of back and rib pain when I'm sitting down and sometimes wish I didn't have such a "desk job."

I: just got the estimate for the spray foam insulation and almost crapped my pants. It seemed like sucha good idea yesterday. And now it seems terrifying. Time to start tallying up costs.

I: am super excited to see a friend for some catching up this afternoon. :) There will be purchasing of socks, running tights, possibly some new heels, and items for the halloween costume. :)

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