Thursday, December 31, 2009


Unbelievably, today is New Year's Eve (day). 2009 is officially the fastest year I've had thus far. People say that as you get older, the years go quicker, but I think that this year went especially fast for several reasons. For starters, the first 5 months of 2008 were so brutal that it dragged, so by contrast, 2009 flew. I also think the difference in my schedule made it fly too. It seemed like I was only in Albany every other week. Between training, vacations, and weekend getaways, there was never time to be in the moment- every moment was spent planning for the next.

I started my new jopb about 3 weeks ago and one of the main perks is that I will no longer be travelling all over the state. Of course, the work atmosphere and the pay doesn't hurt either. :) Even though the job comes with more responsibility, and will require that I learn quite a bit of new info, I still think I will be more relaxed, and so with that, there are a few things in 2010 that I would like to work on, or, resume.

I have an annual ritual at the end of each year, where I write down the things from the year that I would like not to bring with me into the new year. I write them on flash paper, light them on fire, throw them into the air, and poof, they're gone. This year I let go of control and perfection. Nothing like starting the new year off with a challenge.

In addition to letting go of some things, there are some things I want to add.

Prior to having the travel at my last job take over my life I took dance classes, and I would like to start doing that again.

I would like to spend at least one evening, at least ever other week, painting, making jewelry or other crafts.

I will open a bank account to start saving for having a baby.

And I think I'd like to start getting more involved with politics again. Nothing involved, but making more phone calls and sending more letters rather than just signing petitions.

I also think that giving up control and perfection will be a huge challenge, but if I can do it, it will ultimately lead to a slower, more present, and more enjoyable new year. :)

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